VMware VSAN Validates an Increasing Shift to Software-Defined Storage

Over 22, 000 people attended the 10th annual VMworld conference last week. This year’s event was a very special one for Nutanix. We became the only company to win three consecutive Best of VMworld awards as determined by an independent industry panel, winning the 2013 Gold Award for the Private Cloud

VMware’s cloud infrastructure product suite revolutionized datacenter infrastructure. Features such as DRS and vMotion changed the way datacenter teams ensure high availability and uptime for their infrastructures. VMware continues to be by far the most influential company in the virtualization industry.

Anticipation began building long before VMworld about the public beta of VSAN – now officially known as Virtual SAN. This software-defined storage product (with expected 1.0 GA in 2014) validates what Nutanix has long believed — that traditional storage architectures are ill suited for highly virtualized environments. SAN and NAS architectures are too expensive, require too much administration and cannot keep pace with business. Virtual SAN demonstrates the importance of moving storage intelligence from proprietary arrays into an intelligent, distributed software layer.

Nutanix would like to welcome VMware to the Software-Defined Storage Club. Nutanix has been leading the SDS effort for the last 3+ years with its bold vision and execution. Dheeraj Pandey (@trailsfootmarks), Nutanix CEO and co-founder, describes the Nutanix vision in his blog here.

While Pandey’s post defines the principals behind SDS, the true test is whether or not the market agrees. Nutanix’s software-defined scale-out solution has passed the most stringent infrastructure requirements in both small and very large enterprise customer environments, propelling Nutanix to become the fastest-growing infrastructure company of the past decade.

Nutanix will continue to innovate in this nascent market, while also working within the ecosystem to provide our customers the best-in-class solution as VMware evolves its direction for technology partners. Customers will look forward to understanding how VSA, Virtual SAN, ScaleIO (EMC acquisition), ViPR (EMC’s SDS vision), VASA, vVol, VAAI, Linked Clones and many other features come together.

An effective SDS platform enables organizations to begin migrating away from existing hardware-based mid-planes which tend to be inefficient, siloed and inflexible. Instead, they can implement a software-based control and data fabric that utilizes commodity hardware and intelligent software to make globally optimized decisions.

The elite SDS club will belong to those software companies that build enterprise-grade features to address challenges such as separation of mechanics and policy, heterogeneous hypervisors and true linear scale-out. Resolving these issues, among others, becomes paramount as customers journey from partially virtualized environments to highly efficient software defined datacenters.

All power to software! Powering the next generation intelligent datacenters.


Acknowledgements : Thanks to review and feedback from Steve Kaplan(@ROIdude)