Why I Joined Nutanix

Over the past few months, I made a decision to leave a great organization that was a big part of who I was for the past 12+ years. Everyone who has known me since I’ve worked in technology knew that I loved working at my former company, and barely even considered it working most days because  I loved the culture in the workplace, the friendships, and the camaraderie that we built up tackling the new challenges at hand each week, each quarter, each year. So the common and obvious question that I’ve been asked by colleagues, friends, and family over and over again is, “Why on earth would you leave?”

I can’t begin to answer this question without acknowledging the main things I loved about my former organization, and the things I will tenaciously fight to make cornerstones of the company I have chose to help build at Nutanix:

  • Protecting our culture: The running joke for years was how thorough the interview process tended to be for everyone we brought into the organization. I didn’t understand it early on, but it came very clear to me as I gained more experience as to why we did this – we didn’t want to let anyone into ‘our club’ that wouldn’t uphold our values, wasn’t willing to work as hard as the person next to him/her, and recognized that they were joining a special culture that went well beyond selling storage solutions. Recruiting individuals that would take ownership of the culture was key.
  • Creating New Challenges & Opportunities: A colleague of mine used to kid me about how I held the record for having the most jobs in the company. When I look back at the various roles I held, I look back with pride because I’d like to think that I made a lasting impact in each position, and helped build stronger teams along the way. When I look back at some of my closest friendships there, there was a shared commonality – we were all ambitious, hungry, and constantly taking on new challenges as the company grew. Building a team of well-rounded individuals that can add value in multiple capacities was critical to our success.
  • Faith in the Solution: It seemed that every step of the way from 2001 on that when we identified a gap in our solution set or with the product, the leadership of the company was able to incorporate a new feature set into the roadmap, or acquire the technology that we didn’t already have. Regardless of the specific challenge ahead, the company was able to act swiftly to put a plan in place that would help the sales force continue to drive market share growth.

So that leads me to why I made the decision to join Nutanix. The opportunity at Nutanix is immense from a market opportunity and personally, for me to have the ability to impact building a partner ecosystem from the ground up that delivers a high level of value to all of its stakeholders. The uniqueness of this opportunity is characterized in four ways:

  • Simplicity, Part I: “Nutanix’ can bring Google-like efficiency to enterprise data centers of all sizes that can scale infinitely with no performance degradation.” Being able to enable our partners to deliver this simple message to customers is riveting.
  • Simplicity, Part II: Nutanix solves customer challenges around virtualized environments through true converged infrastructure. Giving our partners a compelling Converged Infrastructure solution eliminating the need for multiple registrations from a legacy storage vendor and a legacy server vendor is a message that will resonate.
  • Creating a Fiercely Loyal Partner Community: We are building a very strong group of allies in our Nutanix Partner Network. Enabling these partners to align with us from our very early stages by treating them the right way is key. Accomplishing this through creating mutually-beneficial incentives will allow us to identify new opportunities, build high-trust relationships, and attack the marketplace and win together. The opportunity to build this ecosystem will allow us to benefit from unparalleled loyalty.
  • Harnessing the Unbridled Momentum: The Nutanix team has already created an unprecedented buzz in the marketplace, and we have done so with a sales team that has been in place for less than two years. Being able to mobilize our strategy to harness it around building a world class channel program will be a fantastic journey to be a part of.

I am embracing the ‘Nutanix’ way, while applying my experience and expertise garnered at my previous company, applying the core principals that netted so much success – Protecting our culture, creating new challenges, and faith in the solution. We are committed to building a world class Nutanix partner channel, enabling us the opportunity to make a tremendous impact for our customers, partners, people, and shareholders.