The Web-Scale Vision

This week Gartner released their first-ever Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems, and Nutanix is proud to be “the furthest to the right for completeness of vision.” Fairly translated, this means that Nutanix has a very compelling vision of how enterprise datacenter infrastructures will evolve over the next five to ten years – distinguishing itself from HP, IBM, VCE and many other industry heavyweights.

First off, what is an “Integrated System?” This new category of datacenter architectures converges storage and compute resources into a unified solution that replaces legacy infrastructure – simplifying IT design, deployment and management. Sound powerful? Well, that may explain why sales of Integrated Systems have exploded from zero in 2009, to $6 billion at the beginning of 2014. (Gartner research)

Typically, Magic quadrant fans immediately and reflexively turn their attention to Gartner’s anointed ones – the “Leaders.” And, that might be perfectly reasonable when evaluating vendors in a mature market segment. After all, these are the companies who have emerged with enviable market share and well-known products. Chances are they’re a safe bet.

But what to do when the entire product category is nascent? (Keeping in mind that this is Gartner’s inaugural MQ for a new hyper-growth segment) Simple. Pay attention to the vendors with the superior “vision.” It is this vision that will likely determine who will lead in developing next-generation solutions.

Execution ability remains important, of course; but without the right vision, IT vendors will innovate around the edges. Incrementally. After all, incumbents have a franchise to protect, and any potential market disruption jeopardizes their business model. Not exactly the recipe to transform datacenter architectures and keep pace with public cloud infrastructures.

Nutanix’s vision is simple: the technologies that will power the enterprise infrastructures of the future are already here. They are running the most advanced web-scale datacenters in the world (e.g. Google, Facebook, AWS, Microsoft and more)

But prior to Nutanix, these technologies and architectures were beyond the reach of most datacenter managers.

Does the introduction of web-scale solutions into enterprise datacenters disrupt the status quo? Absolutely. But that’s what true innovation brings.




So, what is the Nutanix vision? For easy digestion:

  • Hyperconverge storage and compute into x86 servers with local storage and Ethernet-based networking. No more centralized storage. No more fibre channel.
  • Software-based distributed systems that enable pay-as-you-grow fabrics for data and control, with elastic, fractional IT resource consumption driving superior economics.
  • All datacenter services running on (not in) the hypervisor, and protecting the IT manager’s freedom to choose the right virtualization technology for the organization (i.e. hypervisor agnostic).
  • Management that embodies consumer-grade simplicity, rendering traditional enterprise admin tools arcane.

It is this vision that inspires everyone at Nutanix to bring the goodness of cloud and web-scale technologies to mainstream enterprises, and has created the fastest growing infrastructure company of the last decade.

Ready for the Gartner MQ report? Downlaod a FREE copy here!

Being truly disruptive is not always easy, but it sure beats leading from behind.