What’s your Web-Scale IQ? Take the Quiz & You Could Win!

So… how much do YOU know about Web-Scale? The Web-Scale IQ Quiz has been getting fantastic traction, so we’ve decided to award the person with the best score from the day we launched the quiz through the end of this week on Friday, July 18th at 10pm PT. What’s the prize, you ask? Bragging rights that you are the top expert on Web-Scale IT, plus we’ll send you your very own Geek Crate (see below)! The rules are simple: Just take the quiz (making sure you provide your email address and Twitter handle so we can reach you if you win)! The contestant with 100% in the shortest reasonable time wins! Note: We will only count your score the first time you take the quiz. 🙂

Here’s a leaderboard that highlights the current top five contestants:

Current Place Name Score – Time
 1st  Bert Hoving 100% – 2 min 47 sec
 2nd  Stuart Miniman 100% – 3 min 39 sec
 3rd  Caleb Crisci 100% – 4 min 24 sec
 4th  Doug Youd 100% – 4 min 48 sec
 5th  Daniel Mckinlay 100% – 7 min 37 sec


What’s your web-scale IQ and where do you place? Take the short quiz to find out… and you just might win!


About Web-Scale:

Web-Scale IT is a better approach to designing, building, and managing datacenter infrastructure pioneered by web companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook – and it’s becoming rapidly relevant for the enterprise.

For more information about web-scale, check out Web-Scale Wednesday – On-Demand! During Web-Scale Wednesday, an industry-wide virtual event that was streamed live, speakers and panelists from the press and analyst community, and thought leaders and tech experts from companies including Wikibon, The Register, Citrix, Veeam, Twitter, DataStax, Dell, CFEngine and Nutanix, shared a broad range of views on the topic of web-scale IT.