How Going Web-Scale is Opening up New Opportunities

This is a guest blog by Nutanix customer, Robert Mehrer from Protected Trust.

Protected Trust is a service provider that offers a variety of services ranging from secure email and collaborations to secure private cloud offerings. Our goal is to help secure and manage the risk of digital assets and private communications for our customers. Our customers include small, midsized and enterprise businesses in healthcare, the financial services, insurance and legal as well as government entities. We offer our customers a complementary risk assessment of their Electronic Stored Data (ESD) to help them discover any vulnerabilities and the level of risk they face, to enable them to affordably mitigate it.

As operations manager, I’m responsible for facilitating and maintaining our datacenters – including maintaining the physical infrastructure as well as the design, layout and implementation of new equipment based on the requirements of our product lines. That’s how I discovered Nutanix – researching easy, plug-and-play type solutions to provide a new virtual private server infrastructure.

We have been a long time Nutanix customer and use it as our foundation for a variety of Protected Trust Services. As we operate in a very competitive space, our distinct advantage is around our ability to help our customers secure their assets and communication in the most efficient manner and therefore we are very thorough in our selection of IT infrastructure solutions.

The idea for this blog came about after I spoke to our Nutanix team about how impressed I’ve been with the efficiency of our Virtual Computing Platform.

To give you an idea, I took a few thermal imaging snapshots of the back of the rack with the Nutanix blocks. You can see a couple of them below:


It’s pleasantly surprising how efficient the Nutanix equipment runs compared to the other products around it. The blanking panels that sit above the switching gear catch the exhaust heat that the rack emits – that’s the yellow/green/blue/orange section you can see in the image above. The temperatures are hovering around 67°F, which is just about perfect for our datacenter.

It is not just the thermal footprint of Nutanix gear that is so cool. The space saving in our datacenter means we can forge ahead with new products and services, which will create new revenue opportunities for Protected Trust. In addition to the wide range of services to keep our customers and their assets safe, from secure cloud computing to hosted email exchange, encryption and archiving to document management and data recovery to compliance solutions such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA, Protected Trust offers our customers secure datacenter hosting.

The modular design of the Nutanix solution also means that we do not have to reserve a huge chunk of space at one time or pre-buy three years of hardware which we don’t require in one go; we can scale out as and when need – essentially adopting a pay-as-you-grow model and not carrying the costs of redundant hardware until we can sell the space and bill for it. This keeps costs down for us and our clients, and improves efficiency across the board. The money saved means we can invest more in services that benefit us and our customers. Not only that, it’s so simple to install and run that our training times and costs have reduced and that in turn frees up resources to focus on projects that impact the bottom line, instead of running the infrastructure. It’s been a win-win situation for all concerned!

The benefits we’ve seen have been beyond our expectations. To summarize, we’ve seen a massive reduction in the power, space and cooling requirements we have with Nutanix. That has provided us with significant CAPEX and OPEX savings, which we have been able to pass on to our customers.