Why are VCDXs flocking to Nutanix?

I wrote a blog post last November titled, What is the Value of a VCDX to a VMware Ecosystem Partner?  Eight months later, and Nutanix has gone from four VCDXs to ten. That’s 7% of the 143 VCDXs worldwide. Nutanix has 25% more VCDXs than the next two highest count companies (EMC & Cisco) combined, and is second in count only to VMware.

The VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification is by far and away the most elite of all certifications in the IT industry. Written exams, preparation of a solution design that can run hundreds of pages, and having to defend all aspects of this design are part of the grueling certification process.

For those of you who haven’t had the privilege of interacting with a VCDX, I have to tell you – these folks are ridiculously smart! They tend to not only be exceptionally technically astute, but also really plugged into the virtualization industry pulse as well. They are in the enviable position of pretty much being able to work wherever they want. So the obvious question is, why are so many coming to Nutanix? I thought I’d ask:

Jason Langone – VCDX #54 @langoneJ.  [Nutanix’s first VCDX, it was Jason who recruited me to Nutanix. I still haven’t forgiven him. J]

I signed with Nutanix in fall of 2011. I viewed it as a way to take my technical capabilities and apply it to a more valuable part of the stack, the mission-supporting applications. Having been in the field for years, I saw how I and others would get bogged down in the minutia of vSphere design. Nutanix allowed me to elevate my discussion.

Lane Leverett – VCDX #53.  @wolfbrthr [Nutanix’s 2nd VCDX. I introduced Lane to Nutanix]

After taking a look at Nutanix, my interest was piqued as I could see it as the next major disruptive technology to really hit the datacenter. The technology was sound and very complete in the vision, but it was the culture of the company that really sealed the deal for me in coming to work at Nutanix. There is a spirit of collaboration and a level of talent across all segments of the company that I have not seen anywhere else I’ve been. Just as we are breaking down the silos and barriers in traditional IT (Storage/Servers/Network/Virtualization), our own company breaks down the silos within the company to allow for true cross company collaboration and teamwork.

Josh Odgers – VCDX #90.  @josh_odgers

Having designed and implemented countless solutions over the years, my experience tells me that as long as the customer’s requirements are met, the simpler the solution the better! When taking a deep look into Nutanix, I found a solution that would clearly and simply solve numerous challenges (both Commercial and Technical) for customers. I wanted to be a part of bringing this new style of architecture (Webscale / Scale-out shared nothing) to the market as I strongly believe it will be a major part of datacenters of the future.

Josh’s blog post announcing his joining Nutanix

Michael Webster – VCDX #84   @vcdxnz001

What attracted me to Nutanix was a feeling that enterprise IT infrastructure was broken, but it didn’t have to be so complex to deliver the availability, manageability, security and performance that was required. I saw a great business opportunity to take the simplicity and ease of use of the hyperconverged infrastructure that Nutanix had developed and apply it to business critical apps and help develop use cases around them. This is an area I’d been focusing on for the better part of 10 years.

I didn’t join Nutanix for the money, but rather to change the world for the better, and to do it with a great team and a company that cares about its customers and wants to deliver great products. We do things differently here. Nutanix is a company that understands how enterprise IT really should be, and we’re delivering it every day.

Michael’s post on #webscale

Derek Seaman – VCDX #125  @vDerekS

I fully believe to become better you have to work with people smarter than yourself, and Nutanix is brimming with talent. I was also attracted to the Nutanix solution from both a technical and customer satisfaction point of view. It is elegantly simple and is really disrupting the traditional datacenter. No more Fibre Channel Zoning, or configuring complex shared storage, or performing individual server configuration. Simplicity at its best.

Magnus Andersson – VCDX #56. @magander3 [Magnus was the second double VCDX – one of only 6 in the world].

The reason I joined Nutanix comes down to the amazing software we have developed. I truly believe that our software and strategy focusing on scalability, simplicity and performance will make life easier for the IT industry. I have a split role between the solutions & performance in addition to consulting. This makes it possible for me to contribute to the development of the software while at the same time getting to it.

Magnus blog site 

Michael Berthiaume – VCDX #130.  @VMmike130 [I’m very fortunate to be able to interact frequently with Mike in his role as SE for the Channels team]

I decided to come to Nutanix primarily because I am a passionate technologist with a pure focus on simple and innovative data center solutions. Our industry is undergoing a major transformation, and IT departments are constantly asked to do more under intense pressure from business leaders looking at low cost cloud-based solutions.

As a modern datacenter technologist, discovering Nutanix was a “Eureka!” moment for me – finally finding a solution that provides the best qualities of both on-premise and cloud solutions. Nutanix ultimately allows IT to refocus on improving agility and rapid application delivery rather than on configuring complex infrastructure often struggling just to keep the ship afloat.  

Nutanix represent an overdue “revolution” in IT of which I want to be a part. 

Samir Roshan – VCDX #124. @Kooltechies

Nutanix has an incredible market opportunity, a great pool of talent and an amazing culture. For me, this opportunity opens a whole new world as I get to work with the best people in the industry while working with the fastest growing enterprise infrastructure company of the past decade.

I have never previously worked for an organization where each and every person is self-driven and motivated to do something new every day. And yet, the culture within Nutanix is both very humbling and customer centric.

Artur Krzywdzinski – VCDX #77.  @artur_ka

I like challenges and strongly believe that Nutanix is setting the standard for datacenters in the cloud era.

Jonathan Kohler – VCDX #116  @JonKohler

I first became aware of Nutanix in January 2014 through various blog posting and social media from both Nutanix employees and from other respected people within the industry. I wanted to see what all the buzz was about, and the more I read, the more intrigued and excited I became about the technology. The phrases “No Way”, “How did they do that”, and “Oh my, that is cool” kept coming up over and over again.

As I went through the interview process, I was also impressed by Nutanix’s ability to attract and retain very talented people at all levels in the organization, not just VCDXs.


While the VCDXs all have their own reasons for why they joined Nutanix, I think it’s safe to say that they all feel something incredible is taking place at the company.

It’s very rare for a new technology to be so disruptive that it changes the shape of an industry. VMware did it with virtualization in the early 2000s, and now Nutanix is doing it again with web-scale converged infrastructure. It’s exciting and gratifying to contribute to making history.

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