Nutanix Arrives as a Mainstream Datacenter Player

Gunnar Berger, Citrix CTO Desktop & Applications Group, tweeted yesterday in response to Nutanix’s announcement that it hit a $200M annual run rate. In his typical witty way, he lamented how quickly companies grow up.

While becoming a grown-up company is important, achieving a $200M annual run rate combined with several other events of the past 6 weeks signifies something vastly more significant – that Nutanix has arrived as a mainstream datacenter player. Consider:

  • Gartner positioned Nutanix as the furthest in the Integrated Systems Visionary Quadrant for completeness of vision.
  • Dell signed an OEM agreement with Nutanix.
  • TechTarget wrote, “…Nutanix’s entry into the converged infrastructure game brought this technology to the masses, and its products have become a very sore spot for VCE.”
  • Symantec, one of the world’s largest software companies, blogged about its NetBackup solution for Nutanix.
  • Nutanix achieved Epic “Target Platform Status for VDI” (in exceptionally short time).
  • Nutanix signed distribution agreements with industry leaders Avnet and Arrow.
  • Nutanix’s 10th VCDX joined the company (as one of over 600 employees)

Just one of these points of recognition implies tremendous faith that a company’s solution is the real deal. Achieving all of them indicates that Nutanix web-scale converged infrastructure is beginning to make waves in the $50B server and storage datacenter market.

And as the OEM relationship with Dell makes clear, Nutanix is truly a software-defined manufacturer. This provides Nutanix with the capability to continue innovating in ways that legacy proprietary hardware manufacturers simply cannot touch.

It’s obviously a very exciting time for Nutanix and for our rapidly growing number of customers. But it’s also an exciting time for our channel partners who have the opportunity to disrupt the datacenter in a manner not seen since VMware first unveiled vMotion 11 years ago.

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