Thoughts on Being a Web-Scale Wish Community Judge

A guest blog post by Steve Greenberg, Thin Client Computing.

As a technology consultant, I have the opportunity to work in different customer environments all the time. I interact with interesting people, and solve unique and difficult problems, while working on the latest technologies. As cool as that is though, the best part is being able to really help people in meaningful ways. For example, we have clients that literally save lives every day through emergency medical care, blood testing and donation, surgery, research, and advanced medical delivery. It is exciting to see these systems “go live” and know that we have helped speed up the delivery of critical services, made information available in a more accurate and timely manner, and enabled medical staff to spend more time with their patients and less time on their computers.

Unfortunately, these technologies can seem complex and expensive to a non-profit organization that has a budget solely driven by grants and donations, and therefore, hard to project. Although these organizations that do great things would achieve significant benefits from a web-scale solution, it is sometimes out of their reach.

This is why I am honored and proud to be part of the Nutanix Web-Scale Wish program, in which a deserving non-profit will receive the full benefits of web-scale converged infrastructure at no cost to them. How cool is that? A truly deserving organization that otherwise could not afford it will be decked out in and benefitting from the latest datacenter technology!

I guess it’s really true that some of the best things in life are free.

Steve Greenberg
Thin Client Computing

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