Designing Web-Scale Datacenters Just Got Easier

Nutanix is the leading hyperconverged solution for server and desktop virtualization. Over the years, we have developed an extensive depth and breadth of internal intelligence on how to size and scope virtualized workloads, including VDI deployments and virtualized business applications. This institutional knowledge is now being made available through the free Nutanix Sizing Calculator, part of a comprehensive service delivery platform from Nutanix Global Services. The Sizing Calculator helps partners and customers size and design Nutanix clusters with both ease and confidence.

Why did Nutanix develop a sizing tool?
With the same level of simplicity and elegance that Nutanix strives to imbue in all of our products, tools, and supporting documentation, the Nutanix Global Services (GSO) team developed the Sizing Calculator in response to requests made by SEs and consultants who work for our partners, and who have often struggled with the ad-hoc Excel spreadsheet approach to sizing that is so common in our industry. This web-based sizing tool contains a sophisticated algorithm in addition to a really intuitive interface.

Why is the Sizing Calculator so accurate?
Many virtualized and private cloud environments start out small, and then grow over time. With conventional server and storage systems, this presents an enormous challenge for partners to try and guess up-front what the environment will look like years down the road, in terms of user count and application resource requirements. Additionally, since all storage traffic is funneled through two physical storage controllers, read and write storms are common in a VDI environment, and user experience suffers.

Nutanix scales one node at a time, enabling an organization to expand its virtual server and desktop environment as quickly or as slowly as desired. And since every node is a virtualized storage controller, Nutanix scales linearly with a very consistent user experience, even as the environment grows.

The Sizing Calculator enables partners to provide an infrastructure that is optimal for initial virtual desktop and server environments, without incurring additional cost for projected capacity. Partners can repeatedly use this tool as customers expand their environments. Customers benefit from greater densities and from new technological enhancements that become available over time. This tool also provides a visual representation of how the entire solution fits in one or many racks, thereby helping with quick planning, without having to resort to Visio-based layouts.

How will the Sizing Calculator make partners more money?
The tool enables partner representatives to engage in web-scale planning without the requirement for in-depth technical knowledge. They can easily produce a recommended configuration, and pricing, for any server or application implementation that their customers might consider. This simple approach to virtualization makes it evident to customers that, with Nutanix, they can get started on virtualization initiatives now, without the huge cost and risk inherent in conventional server and storage backend solutions.

Partners make more money, not just from selling Nutanix, but from the entire stack, including virtualization software, associated hardware, consulting services, project management, managed services, and so on. Partners are also able to leverage consulting expertise from Nutanix Global Services to help design, build, and manage sized environments.

The Sizing Calculator shortens sales cycles, but it also indirectly leads to higher revenues. Customers quickly discover the exceptional simplicity, scalability, and resiliency of Nutanix web-scale converged infrastructure, and tend to start expanding to other use cases, such as private cloud, active/active datacenters, big data, and consolidated remote office management. Partners can often charge higher rates for these more specialized services.

Start sizing your workload for free with the Nutanix Sizing Calculator! Please provide us with your feedback going forward, and let us know about any additional features you would like us to consider in future versions.


Steve Kaplan
Nutanix, Inc.