Nutanix wins Omega NorthFace Award for exceptional Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty for Second Year in a Row

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you some recent great news! For the second year in a row, Nutanix has won the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award from The Omega Management Group in recognition of our outstanding customer service and support throughout 2014. The NorthFace ScoreBoard Award recognizes organizations that not only offer exemplary customer service, but also centers their raison d’etre around a deep commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

At Nutanix, we’ve never lost sight of what’s important to our customers; successfully solving real business problems by getting the most out of their investment in Nutanix solutions. Our ‘true north’ is always driven by customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS). We’re ecstatic to report that our CSAT scores increased Y/Y from 9.3 to 9.6 and NPS scores raised from 73 to 88, while the industry average is in the mid 20’s. All while our customer base increased by more than 3X. These incredible results are a reflection of the focus and intensity we place on doing the right thing for our customers – who know we will always go the extra mile for them.

But creating an organization with such passion and dedication doesn’t happen by accident. Sure, our Support Engineers are whip-smart, have multiple industry certifications and an average of 10+ years of experience. But technical aptitude isn’t the only requirement, we also look for passion and a lot of empathy. We believe that the most important predictor of success is the type of people you hire and the expectations you create for them.

We’ve architected our entire company around a foundation of customer service, it’s something that is deeply ingrained in our DNA. We aim to create a complete 360 experience for our customers: engineering provides escalation support day and night, the field teams share insights gleaned from on-site visits, product management paint a picture for the future, and we all work together to deliver on it. We also offer tools such as Pulse and NCC to provide proactive monitoring and real time alerts, coupled with the inherent resiliency built into the product to all but guarantee zero downtime.

We are honored to receive these accolades as the results of our hard work, but more than anything, we value our customers and the trust they place in us. 2015 promises to be an exciting year, and will also carry the weight of bigger challenges – more demanding customers, more competition, and higher expectations. Sure, it’s challenging, but there’s no other team I’d rather make the journey with. We will keep our laser focus on the customer and aim for “three-peat” of awards next year.

Deepak Chawla
Nutanix, Inc.