Building a Bullet-Proof ROI with Nutanix

An Interview with Bob Orkis, CIO of Fairway Independent Mortgage

Background: Founded in 1996 by Steve Jacobson, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is a mortgage banker headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. Fairway now has more than 200 locations and approximately 2,300 employees nationwide. The corporate vision is to foster relationships and create a team atmosphere, empowering offices to operate autonomously in their day-to-day operations, while still maintaining strict compliance and consistency across the board. Bob Orkis is the chief information officer at Fairway, responsible for all IT technology supporting the corporation’s global initiatives.

Q. What were some the key IT and business challenges you were facing prior to Nutanix?
A. Our biggest challenge was supporting growth, both from a hardware and technology standpoint. We also wanted to improve the performance for our virtual desktop environment. And of course, if we could do all of this and still save money we would be very happy customers!

Q: Why did you choose Nutanix?
A: Nutanix was very interesting because of its management simplicity. By reducing the requirement for specialized storage management, we can run a lean and mean IT organization. Nutanix is like the classic Maytag repairman ads, it works right out of the box and just keeps running, requiring very little support and maintenance.

Q. What workloads are you running on the Nutanix platform?
A. Nutanix is being used for our Citrix XenApp environment. There are about 850 people using the virtual desktops right now and we are converting additional branches to that technology every day. We’re about a third of the way through our entire organization. I expect to have all of our sites converted by the end of this year.

Q. What business benefits have you realized with Nutanix?
A. We have obtained about 15 to 20% improvements in performance on our virtual desktop environment. We are also seeing a greatly reduced footprint for the Nutanix equipment compared to the vBlock we were using before. Of course, this additional reduction of overhead is another positive hit to the ROI for this install. And then there is the management simplicity — the Nutanix systems have required almost no support so far. We got the arrays up in less than a week, and the environment is extremely self-supporting.

Q. Will you be attending .NEXT this year?
A. Yes, I am looking forward to meeting other people that are using the Nutanix systems. I always like to hear what other companies are doing with the product that we haven’t even thought of yet. I am also looking forward to hearing the new announcements that Nutanix will no doubt make. I know they recently partnered with Dell in some products, I want to see how that partnership is working since we do a lot of business with Dell.

Q. I see that you will be presenting at the conference this year. What will your session cover?
A. I will be presenting with Steve Kaplan, VP of Channel and Strategic Sales at Nutanix. We will be talking about calculating the ROI associated with purchasing Nutanix versus other storage solutions. We spent a lot of time evaluating the Nutanix value proposition, where it saves money, time, and resources. That will be the focus of our presentation.

Q. Do you have any closing comments or anything you like to add?
A. Nutanix has lived up to every expectation that we were promised in the sales cycle. It’s hard to say that with a lot of technology solutions today, but it has done everything that we expected and more.

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Session Abstract: Building a Bullet-Proof ROI
Co-presented by Steve Kaplan, VP of Channel and Strategic Sales and a panel of Nutanix Customers

In this strategic session, Steve Kaplan will moderate a panel of Nutanix customer CIOs to show you how to construct a strong business case for new IT investments. Proven best practices will be shared, equipping you with the right strategies to sell your ROI plan to the CFO and CIO. You will learn the fundamentals of financial modeling, helping to build support for projects – both proposed and approved. The session will conclude with the datacenter professionals explaining how they used financial modeling to achieve their companies’ business and IT objectives.

By attending this session, you will:

  • Determine what types of projects and investments should be supported by ROI or TCO models
  • Learn how to build a compelling business case to win project approval and secure funding from your executive management team
  • Hear best practices from successful datacenter executives, explaining how they used financial modeling to achieve their objectives