Softchoice heading into 2016 leading with Emerging Partner of the Year, Nutanix

Nutanix is both humbled and honored to be named Softchoice Corporation “Emerging Partner of the Year” last week during Softchoice’s Launch 2016 event in Toronto.

Softchoice and Nutanix formed a strategic partnership just over two years ago, in January 2015 as this partnership began to flourish our leadership teams met to discuss our goal to be named recipient of this prestigious award. We agreed that with great execution and Nutanix maintaining it’s 100% Channel go-to-market strategy a successful and long lasting foundation could be built taking us into 2016 and beyond.

Softchoice is a very successful company that was founded in 1989 in Toronto, and is 1,300+ employees today with sales offices in every major city throughout the US and Canada. Their strategy is simple: build long-term relationships by doing more to help customers use technology to be more successful.

A key to understanding why the Nutanix and Softchoice organizations work so well together can be understood by looking at Softchoice’s corporate values:

  • “We’ve Got Customer Passion” – An organization like Softchoice that lists customers as their primary passion is a natural fit for a partnership with an organization like Nutanix that is determined on delivering customer delight. As we operate in a world where customers are looking for alternatives to traditional 3-Tier architecture, customers want cloud-like agility with lower cost and more control. This is what our partnership brings to partners.
  • “We Get It Done…Differently” – This simple statement couldn’t better describe what we do at Nutanix considering we strive every day for customers to realize how hard we work for our customers to deliver to them a simpler, more elegant solution that will address the key benefits that they need to realize from the Data Center of the future. Additionally, we are uniquely positioned to show customers the true value of the Next Generation Hypervisor.
  • “We Take Care of Each Other” – The cultural fit between Softchoice and Nutanix is also a very good indicator of why our teams work so well together to meet customer objectives. Reflecting on this post from when I had just joined the company in Fall 2013 reaffirms what we’ve built, and aligns well with the culture of the Softchoice organization. When organizations’ core values align like this, success is sure to follow.
  • “We’re in it for the Growth” – Both organizations are growing at a breakneck pace, and we are bringing innovative solutions customers want to market. ““We’re very excited to announce that Nutanix has received our Emerging Partner of the Year award for 2015!” said David MacDonald, Softchoice President and CEO. “They had strong year-over-year growth, they achieved aggressive targets with us, and they demonstrated great engagement and support for our company and our people. We look forward to continued success in 2016 and beyond!”

We are very excited to receive this recognition from Softchoice, but we have so much more work ahead of us to achieve the true potential of our partnership. For now, we will enjoy this award and continue to tirelessly work with Softchoice with the undiluted mission of bringing customers solutions that they desire in 2016.