Clark County CIO Heads to .NEXT

An Interview with Louis Carr, CIO for the Government of Clark County, Nevada

The Government of Clark County is dedicated to providing top-quality IT services to all of its 39 departments and 2.1 million citizens with the highest integrity, respect, and accountability. We recently caught up with Louis Carr, CIO for Clark County, to talk about his Nutanix implementation and find out if he is planning to attend .NEXT this year.

Q. How is the Nutanix deployment working out for the County?

A. Extremely well! Nutanix is enabling us to be much more agile and responsive to our county departments. With Nutanix, it’s not the value of the technology itself, it’s what the technology allows us to do. It moves the conversation up a level from talking about widgets, to what the departments can do with the Nutanix technology. When we put a system up with Nutanix, we know it’s going to be up 24×7.

A year ago, not all of our technology vendors were offering Nutanix. Now they are coming to us to say, “Yes, we resell Nutanix and it’s a great solution!” It’s interesting to see how the market is shifting from their perspective. All of the major vendors are now partnering with Nutanix. That’s a good sign–it would be very disconcerting if the opposite were true!

Q. Do you have any new IT projects in the works?

A. Yes, we have requested additional funding to expand our Nutanix footprint for use in our District Court, and also plan to expand the use of Nutanix to enhance our disaster recovery posture. Hopefully both projects will be launched within the next few months.

Q. Is Clark County considering using the cloud for any applications?

A. Yes, we have implemented cloud point solutions for a number of departments. We continue to investigate the use of the cloud for several other services. Some of our systems have a lot of confidential data, others don’t. Apps that do not have a lot of confidential data would be good candidates for the cloud. After we get our DR presence in place, we would like to seriously consider deploying an Enterprise like cloud with Nutanix.

Q. Will you be attending .NEXT again this year? If so, what are you hoping to learn more about?

A. I wouldn’t miss it! I’m hoping to hear more about all of the new technologies and trends in IT, and reconnecting with some of my peers. Nutanix has been talking a lot about enterprise clouds lately and I would like to hear more about the Nutanix infrastructure that provides the ability to go seamlessly go between on-prem and the public cloud. This would enable us to easily grow when we need to grow, shrink when we need to shrink—and implement truly dynamic computing.

Q. Why do you think Las Vegas is a great place to hold the .NEXT event?

A. Las Vegas provides the ideal resort corridor. Not only do we have the infrastructure from the public works perspective–the roads, the hotels, and those sorts of things–our location is a good nexus of technology. We are close to Silicon Valley and only a few hours from Austin, Texas. Phoenix is also a tech hub, there are even a few companies up in Idaho. Las Vegas is the perfect choice because we are just a two-hour flight or less away from a number of high-tech think tanks. And in addition to learning about emerging technologies, Las Vegas is the best place on Earth if you want to have a lot of fun!

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