Powering Enterprise Apps and Services with a Radically Different Approach: A Conversation with Hexaware Technologies

IT organizations face significant challenges in providing applications on-demand, while ensuring high uptimes and responsiveness. Legacy IT infrastructure can no longer cater to evolving business needs, especially in cases where IT acts as a cost center rather than an enabler. Succeding in today’s tough market environment requires a robust infrastructure that is simple to plan, provision, remediate and upgrade. This means the complexities of infrastructure need to be reduced to enable IT organizations to shift their focus up the stack, and embrace technologies such as hyperconvergence and enterprise cloud.

Here is a recent interview, with Hemant Vijh, Senior Vice President of Hexaware Technologies, on how the company is collaborating with Nutanix to bring the power of enterprise cloud to customers.

Thanks for speaking with us. Can you tell us what sets Hexaware apart from other system integrators?

As a leading provider of ITES, BPO and consulting services with an extensive global presence, Hexaware is helping organizations reimagine their businesses, shrink IT costs, enhance business operations, accelerate digital business transformation and maximize returns using Shrink IT Grow Digital philosophy, which we have pioneered.

Hexaware’s Shrink IT Grow Digital strategy is propelled using unique elements like intelligence driven automation, hyper-converged infrastructure, anti-pyramid engagement and design thinking. Hexaware’s ‘Grow Digital’ service assists clients in their digital journey by modernizing applications and infrastructure landscape through the creation of a ‘Composable Enterprise’, using systems of differentiation, driving process orchestration and re-engineering and using the power of big data.

We are excited to work with Nutanix to help our combined customer base shrink their IT requirements while enhancing their digital footprint.

How is the the Hexaware and Nutanix partnership adding value to enterprise customers?

Hexaware works closely with Nutanix to provide an agile infrastructure that delivers strategic customer priorities around mobility, big data analytics, and cloud. Our customers engage with us to not only to manage and improve performance of critical workloads such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, but also to be a partner in their transformation journey to enable end-to-end application lifecycle management using next-generation DevOps and containerized solutions.

Hexaware in alliance with Nutanix is helping several large global customers seamlessly move to a hyperconverged model for storage, compute, and virtualization, breaking traditional infrastructure silos.

Can you share an example of how customers have benefited from the joint solution?

We would like to highlight one of our key customers who is a leader in the real estate industry in the United States. They were looking to refresh their aging 3-tier storage and server infrastructure, while ensuring cost optimization. To enhance service levels, they also wanted to realign their distributed end-user service. Rather than opting for the latest version of the existing solution, they wanted to tackle scalability and management challenges, and shift focus to more strategic and customer-facing projects. Their IT organization needed to stay one step ahead of the business as they were growing fast. To do this, they needed to rapidly deploy server infrastructure, modernize datacenters, and scale capacity. They chose Hexaware as their strategic partner to transform their IT. After evaluating a wide range of technologies, our team chose to partner with Nutanix for its unique experience in providing a Enterprise Cloud Platform and its hyperconverged technology.

Apart from modernizing data centers, Hexaware was also entrusted with other mission critical objectives like rationalizing the real estate giant’s processes and optimizing their IT management cost. Hexaware designed and implemented a hybrid cloud environment, an ‘Application Aware’ infrastructure and enabled ‘Always-On’ Digital Infrastructure Management Services, that helped the client focus on their core business areas. Our proprietary RAISE IT automation platform enabled cognitive intelligence along with enhanced workflow automation/integration. By creating a digital workplace, we helped the client realize their vision of a user experience led connected business ecosystem.

Hexaware, working with Nutanix, delivered simplicity, agility, and scale to the customer’s datacenter. We ensured data protection by implementing the Enterprise Cloud Platform running on VMware ESXi and Nutanix Cloud Connect for data protection. We also integrated application and infrastructure support and enabled automation. All of the customer’s critical applications, such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server, along with multiple general virtualized applications now run on Nutanix.

What benefits did the customer realize by moving away from legacy infrastructure?

The results were overwhelming and immediate. The joint solution put them on track to saving as much as 60% on their TCO over a three year period and they were able to invest the savings in their core real estate operations. They also achieved 50% lower footprint in power and cooling requirements. The simplified infrastructure from Nutanix helped lower their overall capital cost as compared to a conventional server/SAN platform. In the next phase, we will deploy Nutanix for all their SAP workloads. The customer has indicated that our solutions have enabled them to transform their IT operation and shift their focus to their core business.

Let’s change gears. What advice would you give IT organizations looking to make the leap to hyperconvergence and enterprise cloud?

If I can summarize this, it would be:

  1. Be confident in running your most critical workloads on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform
  2. Find the right partner to help you with your application and datacenter transformation

Hexaware brings in-depth expertise and delivery excellence in hyperconvergence and enterprise cloud. Our mature practice helps IT organizaitons get the most out of their enterprise applications, including transitioning to the enterprise cloud and aligning the applications with the growing business needs. In addition, we have a team of trained Nutanix architects who conduct joint design sessions to solve complex customer problems related to cloud and IT infrastructure.

At Nutanix .NEXT user conference held in Las Vegas earlier this year, it was evident that Nutanix customers trust the company with their demanding Tier-1 applications. The attendees we met were well on their way to run all their workloads on Nutanix.

VMworld US 2016

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