Introducing Nutanix X-Powered Services

Tim Harrison, Product Architect and Technology Advocate at Q9 & Rachna Srivastava, Senior Services Marketing Manager at Nutanix 

When you look for an on-premises datacenter solution or a managed service, you want to be sure that the technology powering your services is based on industry-leading cutting-edge solutions that provide performance, reliability, and scale.

At Nutanix, customer delight is our first priority, and we strive to ensure you can run your applications smoothly and get the benefits of Nutanix, no matter the platform they run on.

We are excited to announce Nutanix X-Powered services.

Nutanix X-Powered is built on the the same technology that thousands of enterprise customers rely on and is delivered by service providers, OEMs, or third-party hardware vendors, increasing application service levels and reducing your risk.

Now you have a choice when it comes to selecting a service provider and the environment on which you choose to run your applications. Nutanix X-Powered is the simplest way to determine if your services are running on Nutanix and get the following benefits:

  1. Continuous innovation – No more planned downtimes, take advantage of simple 1-click upgrades and new features delivered via your service provider
  2. Superior Flexibility – Grow your infrastructure effortlessly as your business grows without time consuming redesigns or performance concerns
  3. Time Savings – Spend less time managing day-to-day infrastructure and focus on growing your business

Nutanix X-Powered is for service providers, OEMs, and third-party hardware manufacturers. We ensure that the services run on these platforms, badge them, and give you the peace of mind of running your applications and services on Nutanix.

Find Nutanix X-Powered

A soon to be released marketplace will have a complete list of service providers offering Nutanix X-Powered Services along with the type of service offered such as Disaster Recovery as-a-service (DRaaS), Infrastructure as-a-service (IaaS), Desktop as-a-service (DaaS), and more. For OEMs and third-party hardware vendors, look for the Nutanix X-Powered logo to make sure you get the agility, reliability and security you expect with the flexibility and customizability you need.

Q9 Perspective

Here is a perspective from Tim Harrison, Product Architect and Technology Advocate at Q9, one of very first service providers to become X-Powered:

“Over the past two decades, Q9 has continued to work tirelessly to provide rock solid infrastructure solutions. As we look at how best to carry that reputation forward with cloud solutions, we invest a significant amount of time and care evaluating whether potential partners might share a common passion for building great solutions for our customers.

We are keenly aware of the needs of existing enterprise customers as well as evaluating technology and business trends in the market that continue to be disruptive. Cloud has become a vital tool in customers’ toolkits, yet they tend to have traditional enterprise and legacy in-house applications that are critical components of their business which are not being addressed.

Nutanix and Q9 Partnership

Nutanix has consistently been able to demonstrate not only that traditional enterprise workloads are supported but actually perform better on the Enterprise Cloud Platform. Not to be outdone, Nutanix also delivers a platform that can provide our enterprise customers with a path to cloud which enables them to leverage the resiliency, security, and performance of a private cloud solution while supporting cloud applications within the data center. With the power and flexibility of Prism, particularly in conjunction with AHV, customers could truly have a single pane of glass for their private and hybrid cloud.

Using AHV, Q9 has been able to automate the deployment of dedicated private cloud solutions for customers which reduces lead time for solution delivery from weeks to hours. Through our network fabric and Service Delivery Toolkit, we are able to offer customers a cloud consumption model that supports an unprecedented level of elasticity for customers who may have burstable workloads.

Q9 continues to focus on enabling customer innovation through delivering application-focused infrastructure solutions, and with the Nutanix partnership, Q9 delivers reliability to its customers over the years.

Leveraging the Nutanix platform allows Q9 to rapidly deploy resilient, scalable, elastic Dedicated Private Cloud solutions that enable customers to focus on insight, innovation, and growth rather than infrastructure management. Because of the power and scalability of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform and AHV, we are continuing to prepare new product offerings to support such diverse customer use cases as Managed Private Cloud, Managed Solution Environments, and our forthcoming Virtual Private Cloud. This kind of continuous innovation should be expected from a Nutanix X-Powered Service Provider.

We are thrilled to be an inaugural Nutanix X-Powered Service Provider. Being X-Powered means that Nutanix and Q9 share a passion for delivering great solutions for our customers. Together, Q9 and Nutanix provide a simple solution for service and application delivery and continue to delight our end customers.”

Microsoft Ignite 2016

Interested in learning more and just happen to be at Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta, GA? Be sure to swing by the Nutanix booth at booth #1310 (September 26 – 30), to collect your Nutanix X-Powered sticker. You can also send us a note at or connect with us on Twitter (DM @Nutanix).

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