Nutanix at VMworld 2017: One OS, One Click for VMware Environments

VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas quickly approaches and we are excited to once again be an active member of the conference! Looking through the session catalog and topics I am again reminded how Nutanix is the optimal platform for customers to run VMware vSphere®, including 6.5 and all related products such as VMware® Horizon View™ and the vRealize suite of applications. The genius simplicity of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS without ties to specific hardware, one-click operations, full stack integration, and the automation capabilities built-in from the ground up without external dependencies means that customers have a truly software-defined datacenter that is easy to manage and to run all physical and virtual workloads. Let’s review a few of these points below.

No Hardware Lock-in

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS runs on a variety of platforms including those from Nutanix, from OEM vendors such as Dell® and Lenovo®, and those from Cisco® and HPE® following our published HFCL (Hardware and Firmware Compatibility List). We also provide customers with the option to run on ruggedized hardware for use cases that dictate such a need with partners such as Crystal and Klas Telecom. Customers have the choice to run on any of these hardware platforms and the flexibility to change in the future as needed.

Simple and Automated Deployment

Regardless of the hardware platform chosen, deploying Nutanix is automated and deploys seamlessly out of the box. Its simple installation tool automatically discovers nodes as they are connected to the network, imaging and deploying the turn-key enterprise cloud solution running vSphere and other hypervisors quickly regardless of the number of nodes in the cluster.

Simple Management and Automation

As many aspects as possible of managing an infrastructure should be simple. To that end our software platform includes the Prism management plane to provide one-click management of hosts, VMs, containers, networking, storage, upgrades, and more through a beautiful and functional HTML5 interface as well as via REST APIs, a CLI, and via PowerShell commandlets.

Administrators have the flexibility to choose how they manage the solution, with easy external automation integration (in addition to the built-in automated workflows), and includes monitoring, and orchestration tools such as VMware vRealize® Orchestrator™, vRealize Automation™, vRealize Operations™, in addition to a wide variety of 3rd party commercial products, open source tools, custom scripts, etc. Follow this link to request a copy of our whitepaper entitled vRealize Automation on Nutanix: Private Cloud in a box.

Nutanix also makes it really easy for VMware® and infrastructure administrators who are just getting started with automation of their Nutanix platform, by providing the links and API documentation, examples, and code samples right within the Prism UI, so there is no need to download and sift through any .pdf files. Additionally, there are a lot of automation resources on the Nutanix Developer site at including tutorials, live documentation, example PowerShell, JavaScript, Go, and Ruby scripts on our GitHub repo, and code samples for API calls in multiple languages.

There are video demos of integration with vRealize Automation and ServiceNow on our channel on YouTube, an education channel created to teach users about various aspects of the Nutanix platform. For those of you who wanted to get into VMware® and infrastructure automation Nutanix is the perfect datacenter platform.

Resilient Management

Unlike some other infrastructure platforms, the tools required to manage Nutanix’s platform are included on every node. The Distributed Storage Fabric spans every node within a cluster resulting in no single point of failure within the solution, and ensuring the ability to manage the environment will never be lost in case of component or node failure. Even shutting down a storage endpoint on a host does not disrupt VM operations. The election process ensures that the management IP is always accessible and the cluster can be managed from any node, so no worries about losing access to storage or management at any time.

(Virtually) Any Workload

The flexibility of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software means that customers have the ability to configure their servers and clusters to run just about any application in their environment, such as database servers, ERP, web farms, VDI, remote office applications, vertical-specific applications such as in the fields of healthcare, financial services and energy/oil and gas, Docker containers, and intelligent edge computing with IoT applications and machine learning using TensorFlow, for example. With GPU options available from all server vendors, even traditionally difficult-to-virtualize applications requiring pGPU and vGPU graphics and VM Direct Path I/O are not an issue. When using VMware’s vSphere® hypervisor all applications that are supported through the application vendors’ certification for VMware® run on the Nutanix platform.

Furthermore, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is extensible and able to present storage resources to application servers outside of the cluster. To applications running as bare metal workloads, such as Oracle RAC, MS SQL Server clusters, Oracle Linux, RHEL, IBM AIX, SLES, and Solaris, they can still leverage the benefits of Nutanix’s scale out and distributed architecture. Native VM, file, block, and container services mean that Nutanix is a fit for nearly every use case.

Visit our Solutions page for a wide list of applications and use cases, links to solution briefs, reference architecture, testimonials, and more.

Wrapping Up

As you can see Nutanix is the ideal platform to host physical and virtual workloads in your datacenter and in remote office and edge scenarios. Reach out to us to meet with application and industry specialists worldwide who are available to answer any question you may have. Be sure to stop by the Nutanix booth with your questions and to see demos, and join us for one of the many events that we will be hosting at VMworld next week.

For further information on our presence at Vmworld, including Nutanix and partner theater session schedules, and collateral, please visit

Safe travels to everyone and we look forward to welcoming you there!

Nutanix at VMworld 2017

Each day at the Nutanix Booth #1207:

  • Meet the experts- ask your questions to Nutanix staff
  • Nutanix demo booth highlighting VDI, management and enterprise apps
  • Nutanix, customers, and partners presenting booth theater sessions every 30 minutes.
  • Demo stations

Each day at Nutanix Partner Booths:

  • Booth theater sessions are held at many of our partners, including: Intel®, Citrix®, NVIDIA®, Veeam®, Commvault®, Mellanox®, Igel®, Druva® and Eaton®.

Nutanix at theCUBE:

  • 4 spotlight sessions live-streamed at theCUBE stage

Nutanix Social

Socialise with the Nutanix team:

Nutanix / Zerto® Party – Journey to the Cloud
Time: 7:00-11:00pm, Monday, August 28th
Location: House of Blues, Mandalay Bay: Register here

Nutanix / IGEL® / LoginVSI® Happy Hour
Time: 6:00-8:00pm, Monday, August 28th
Location: Border Grill, Mandalay Bay
Reach out to your Nutanix, IGEL®, or LoginVSI® team for registration information.

Hall Crawl
Time: 4:30-6:00pm, Tuesday, August 29th
Location: Solutions Exchange, Booth #1207

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