Unleashing Fusion-io in the Nutanix Architecture
Recently did a guest blog post on Fusion-io about how we make use of their ioDrives in the Nutanix architecture.  Take a look @—class-virtualization/
We Are Officially Open for Business
It’s official! We are open for business, after spending many tireless moments building this product and bringing it to market. We can’t help but gush at how beautiful the end product looks and feels and sounds! Best part — it’s low maintenance. How rarely have we seen something that is pretty and yet low maintenance?! … Continued
The Dinosaurs Are Dying
Having spent almost a decade in IBM research inventing bleeding-edge technologies for storage systems, and proudly making them the biggest and baddest creatures in the storage-land, I now feel that the beginning of the end for SAN-like storage systems is hurtling towards us. The last few of the T. rex might be the most vicious … Continued
Breaking the Addiction to Storage
Shrinking server infrastructure to a fraction of its original size has been universally hailed as the biggest infrastructure advancement in the last decade. Having been a  VMware field systems engineer for half a decade ,  I had the privilege of ushering hundreds of organizations into the world of server consolidation and datacenter optimization. But this wasn’t ...
Why Nutanix, and Why Now
In the next few weeks, we will be talking about the why, what, and how of Nutanix, in that order. Network storage has many challenges today, but it wasn’t always like this. Bear with us as we take a walk down memory lane. This history of how SANs came to be and where they are … Continued
A Brave New World
There’s no question that Apple has been setting a high bar in consumer design.  There’s also no question that enterprise application usability has for the most part been left behind. While advancements in enterprise IT like virtualization have made it possible for IT to run their enterprise applications and infrastructure on a lot less hardware, … Conti...
Virtualization – Winds of Change in the Datacenter
Change is the only constant in this world, is a cliche that we’ve all heard. But boy, has that been true for enterprise data centers over the last 5 years! x86-based virtualization has turned things upside down on how IT is done. What hasn’t changed? From Intel’s silicon to Cisco’s switches to the titles of … Continued
The Journey has Begun
Declaring A SAN-Free World this 4th of July Welcome to our blog. Ever since we conceived Nutanix in September of 2009, we’ve been heads-down building the product and a business that have begun to hum. Our laser focus on price/performance, usability (UI), and partner success has started to show real results in field trials. We … Continued