Citrix Runs on Nutanix

A highly robust platform for all Citrix virtual desktop and application solutions

Consistent performance and seamless scalability for desktop and application virtualization workloads

The Nutanix and Citrix joint solution delivers the massive scalability, predictable performance, and pay-as you grow economics customers need for their Citrix environments.

Citrix XenDesktop on AHV

Download this technical blueprint to learn about design and configuration considerations when architecting a Citrix XenDesktop solution on Nutanix.

Download Reference Architecture

Easy to Deploy

Integration and deployment of Citrix on Nutanix is made easier with native support and integration with Citrix PVS and MCS.

Fully Integrated Management

Provision desktops for Citrix MCS on Nutanix AHV directly from Citrix Desktop Studio UI and experience high speed image updates and operations.

VMware Integration

Provides full integration of VMware snapshot and cloning capabilities by supporting both the VMware API for Array Integration (VAAI) and View Composer for Array Integration (VCAI) standards.

Out-of-the-box Deployment

Deploy Citrix virtual desktops in under 30 minutes, easily managed from the virtualization console.

Better Than PC Performance

Speed application response, obtain a better boot/login experience, and eliminate IOPS bottlenecks with Nutanix OS features like elastic-deduplication.

Graphics Acceleration

Utilize platforms powered with Nvidia GRID cards to power tough, graphics-intensive desktops.

Linear Scale-out

Scale users seamlessly and modularly, with no performance degradation.

Choice of Hypervisor

Benefit from multi-hypervisor support for Citrix on Nutanix across Nutanix AHV, Citrix XenServer, VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Minimized Risk and Lower Costs

Minimize infrastructure risk by providing predictability and reliability as your desktop and application projects scale from pilot to full-scale production environments.

Reduce Cost

Reduce infrastructure CapEx and lower ongoing operating costs compared to PCs, due to ease of use and smaller footprint.

Eliminate Project Risk

Start small and expand as needed – always utilizing the latest advances in CPU, memory, and flash.

Deliver Business Continuity

Deploy highly available desktops in mission-critical environments using built-in native replication and disaster recovery (DR) features.