ASL Airlines France

ASL Airlines France soars to an efficient future with Nutanix

Business Needs

A virtual infrastructure to ensure operational continuity


The Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform


  • Connection speed improved by 20%;
  • 5x reduction in datacenter space;
  • Scalability that simplifies administration tasks;
  • Servers integrated and deployed in minutes.

ASL Airlines France Background

Heir to Aéropostale, French airline, ASL Airlines France, has long been an iconic fixture in the skies, transporting passengers as well as freight including mail on behalf of partners including La Poste.

Based at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, ASL Airlines France’s client list includes some of the biggest players in the delivery market such as La Poste, TNT, DHL, Fedex and UPS.

With a fleet of over 17 aircrafts, the main star is the company’s Boeing 737 300 QC (Quick change) aircraft, aptly named due to its ability to switch between a cargo and passenger configuration in less than 20 minutes. It means that both markets can be served simultaneously on a daily basis — a dual approach that is an increasingly rare proposition.

The Issue

To stay agile and cut IT costs in the wake of rising fuel prices and mounting pressures from competition, ASL Airlines France had already adopted a private cloud model and wanted to build on the existing infrastructure while enhancing scalability, business continuity and the speed of the virtual desktop.

As a business that has to provide a seamless service 24/7, a solution was sought to ensure operational continuity. The ability to speed up and streamline capabilities, specifically through the easy addition of more servers and storage to the existing network underpinned the criteria.

The airline’s IT service provider Diademys was tasked with recommending a solution that would reduce costs while enhancing scalability, business continuity and the speed of the virtual desktop, while optimizing the integration of VMware, specifically VMware View and VMware Thin App.

Taking Integration to the Next Level

With a couple of options on the table, it was the scope and depth of integration offered by Nutanix VDI which stood out among the competition.

Consolidated into a single appliance, the hyperconverged server and storage solution offered a proposition that would simplify the entire infrastructure by removing the need for separate storage and reducing the space used.

With the ability to expand an organization’s virtual desktop environment as and when required through a scalable “pay-as-you-grow” model, the solution brings reliability to a process that has traditionally be an unknown quantity by removing the risk of the over provisioning of storage capacity Furthermore, this addresses the unpredictability that has traditionally blighted user performance.

“ We chose Nutanix based on its performance and integration abilities; everything seems to be optimized, versatile and resilient. ”

– Fabrice De Biasio, CIO, ASL Aviation Group

Speed is of the Essence

Installed in April 2015 across two sites during a one month period, a VMware View VDI solution running on Nutanix has already made a significant impact at the airline.

One of the most overriding benefits brought to the business is the greater speed across all processes. For example a computer system that used to take two to three minutes to connect to a session can now be up and running in just 20 seconds.

Servers and storage resources are integrated into small appliances and deployed in as little as half an hour and are able to run any application at any scale. As a result the size of data centres are set to be reduced as much as five times, a process that is currently on-going and is set to bring environmental benefits and lower energy costs.

Furthermore, the ease of installation and scalability has simplified a raft of administrative tasks with the easy upgrade and addition of storage that doesn’t require the attention of specialist engineers.

As these become more integrated and efficient, productivity is improved as people can work faster, more reliably and accurately. Systems recover more quickly from component failures while updates can be made instantly without the need to close down machines and applications. All of which is compounded by Nutanix’s proactive approach to support which enables the issues to be identified and addressed before they become a problem.

CIO, ASL Aviation Group, Fabrice De Biasio added: “As an aircraft company which works 24/7 mainly with cargo, we need appliances that perform well, I would say that Nutanix is the perfect partner for helping us meet our everyday challenge”.

And working with Diademys, plans are underway to deploy a cloud-based platform based on Nutanix technology across the whole of the ASL Aviation Group. It’s a partnership that is set to soar even further in the future.