Beedie Group

Beedie Development Group Builds Solid Real Estate Empire on Nutanix Hyperconverged Platform

Business Needs

Complexity of existing SAN and server infrastructure made it difficult to configure, manage, and scale the environment.


BDG is now using the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform to support a wide variety of workloads and implement disaster recovery.


  • Shortened deployment times from several days to just a few hours
  • Simplified management and enabled easy scalability
  • Noticeably improved system performance
  • Gained the ability to recover from a disaster in hours, versus weeks
  • Provided a 4:1 reduction in datacenter footprint

Company Background

Established in 1954, Beedie Development Group (BDG) is one of British Columbia’s most respected companies specializing in land development, construction, and property management. As the largest private industrial land owner, developer, and landlord in Vancouver, Beedie has completed over 20 million square feet of new construction throughout Metro Vancouver and Alberta.

IT Challenges

Mark Wessel is the IT manager at Beedie Group. He is responsible for all new technology decisions and overall operations management of the company’s Vancouver datacenter. BDG’s IT environment was fully virtualized prior to moving to Nutanix, with a mix of IBM servers and an aging EMC SAN. “Our existing IT environment was far too complex,” Wessel reported. “We were spending a lot of time configuring, integrating, and managing our separate SAN and server components. The other big challenge we were addressing was the lack of scalability. It required a significant amount of reconfiguration whenever we needed to add additional capacity of compute to the existing SAN and servers.”

Finding Nutanix

Wessel and his team began the search for a better storage and server platform in 2014. “We needed to find something that was much simpler to configure and manage,” Wessel said. “We also wanted to implement disaster recovery at a remote site. Our goal was to find a solution that had the DR component built-in, instead of having to add additional software functionality and complexity to the solution after the fact.”

Beedie Group’s IT reseller, Microserve, recommended Nutanix. Microserve is one of the largest independent IT solutions providers in Western Canada.
Rooted in a philosophy of long-term partnerships and continuous innovation, its team of technology professionals has been delivering IT solutions and services to clients across BC and Alberta for more than 20 years.

“In addition to looking at Nutanix, we priced out several traditional server and SAN set ups,” noted Wessel. “We also considered hosted solutions with the idea of moving our data center into the cloud. After reviewing the options, we decided to go with the Nutanix solution for its simplicity and ease of management.” BDG purchased two Nutanix NX-1050 systems — one for the company’s head office, and a second appliance that would be placed at the company’s disaster recovery co-location site.

“As soon as we moved our virtual servers over from the old SAN to the Nutanix cluster we noticed an immediate improvement in performance. It was definitely noticeable even for our end users.”

– Mark Wessel, IT Manager, Beedie Development Group