Credito Valtellinese Group

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Simplifies the Management of Credito Valtellinese’s Virtualised Environment

Business Needs

A scalable virtual infrastructure to enhance service agility.


  • Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform
  • VMware Horizon View.


  • Platform supports every type of VDI user;
  • Clusters can expand in minutes versus days;
  • A solution that evolves with business needs;
  • More efficient and mobile way of working.

Credito Valtellinese Background

With a heritage that dates back to 1908, the Sondrio-based bank, Credito Valtellinese, has emerged as a significant player in the Italian banking market following a number of acquisitions. Offering the full spectrum of retail banking across Sicily and its heartland of Northern Italy, the co-operative group network comprises three local banks Credito Valtellinese, Credito Siciliano and Carifano. Between them they run a combined total of 500 branches and serve 900,000 commercial and private customers. Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 1994, the bank’s approach is underpinned by service excellence and innovation and a commitment to the communities it serves and its 160,000 stakeholders.

The Issue: A Need for More Agility

As the bank transitions from a focus on the physical branch environment to a more mobile approach to customer interaction, a solution was sought to support a more fluid way of working as well as providing customers with virtual access to the bank’s services.

Complex processes such as acquisitions also demanded more agile delivery, something which was being compromised by the traditional single server system with tasks taking days and even months to complete. As a result, the move towards virtualisation began in the bank’s data centres in Sondrio and Milan.

Internal IT services provider, Bankadati introduced the first VDI server to give customers access to a virtual desktop so they could connect and use the services they required. While the move represented a significant development for the bank, the slow speed and performance as a result of the traditional architecture led to a poor user experience. As such attention turned to a more efficient and user-friendly alternative that would bring simplicity to the management of the virtualised environment.

A Solution That’s Off the Scale

Having caught the bank’s eye when still a US-based start-up company, Nutanix had been long on the radar as the provider best placed to deliver the solution. As a pioneer of converged infrastructure, Nutanix VDI’s innovation stood out as a trailblazer amongst the traditional-style architecture of competitor solutions to such a degree that Credito Valtellinese chose not to explore other options. Credito Valtellinese’s IT consultant and first Nutanix partner in Italy, Gruppo Reti, was on hand to support the deployment of the first solution based on Nutanix technology. Consolidated into a single appliance ready to run on VMware (hypervisor) the hyperconverged server and storage offers an unprecedented level of simplicity and crucially predictability to an area that has traditionally been an unknown quantity, leading to inefficiencies.

By enabling the business to scale its virtual desktop environment as and when required with a pay-as-you-grow model, the solution removes the risk of the over provisioning of storage capacity for performance.

Furthermore, the single Nutanix platform supports every type of VDI user and application and deployment model, from non-persistent task and knowledge worker desktops to persistent power and graphics-intensive user desktops.

Customer Access and Employee Mobility

Deployed across all of the business’ 836 Windows 7 digital desktops, the Nutanix platform has quickly established its credentials through an ability to solve complex issues and simplicity of use that doesn’t need any specialist expertise to install.

And along with the quality of its overall performance, the solution’s scalability is proving to be one of the most significant benefits. Quick and straightforward adjustments can be made to expand network clusters in minutes as opposed the number of days it would have taken previously when using traditional architecture.

Notably, the move has had a significant bearing on improving mobility in terms of how people work across the organisation, with a notebook + virtual desktop solution available for those working on the move and in transit leading to faster responses and more efficiencies.

And fittingly, the solution continues to evolve with the needs of the business as new desktops are created for new customers on demand and sights are set on the future potential and capabilities.

Maurizio Sala added: “We are thinking whether it would be possible for us to use this technology in another way, not just for desktop virtualisation, but even for server virtualisation.

“Nutanix is so simple, that we actually forget that it exists sometimes, it just works.”

– Maurizio Sala, System Architect, Credito Valtellinese