NTT SmartConnect

NTT SmartConnect Builds Cost-Effective Cloud Services Using Web-Scale Converged Infrastructure

Business Needs

Legacy 3-tier server and SAN environment was facing severe performance bottlenecks, lacked scalability, and consumed too much datacenter rack space.


Nutanix NX-3000 series appliances


  • Eliminated all storage bottlenecks common in the legacy environment
  • Enabled easy scalability for new customer deployments
  • Reduced CapEx by 25%
  • Decreased datacenter rack space and costs by 2.5x
  • NTT SmartConnect Builds Cost-Effective Cloud Services Using Web- Scale Converged Infrastructure

Company Background

NTT SmartConnect was established in 2000 as the strategic antenna company of Japan’s NTT-West Group. Based in Osaka, NTT SmartConnect provides a broad range of offerings centered on datacenter services (housing), application hosting, streaming, and other Internet platforms. The successful Internet provider recently expanded its existing technologies and expertise to provide comprehensive cloud services to its customers, ranging from virtual platforms to SaaS.

Through its reliable datacenter and IX-Direct connectivity, NTT SmartConnect is now able to provide the same high-quality service and support to all of its customers. “Our corporate culture epitomizes the ‘venture spirit’ that we have maintained since the time of our founding; we always seek to remain at the cutting edge of technology and offer services that are ever more convenient. By embracing this approach, we have earned the status of trusted partner from our global customers,” stated Mr. Yoshitaka Inoue, Senior Manager at NTT SmartConnect.

IT and Business Challenges

“We face many challenges as a cloud service provider,” Mr. Inoue explained. “Unfortunately, our 3-tier SAN and server architecture was not enabling us to reach our high technical and business goals. The existing environment was starting to exhibit serious storage performance bottlenecks and was not easy to scale. In order to provide efficient and cost-effective cloud services, we wanted to find a new solution that could improve storage performance, reduce datacenter footprint, and provide the ability to easily scale customer environments on demand.”

Looking for a Better Solution

Mr. Inoue and his team identified four possible paths for addressing all of the challenges with the legacy environment. The first option was to simply expand the existing 3-tier architecture solution with additional infrastructure. This approach was quickly eliminated, since it could not deliver the necessary storage IOPS performance improvements or provide the ability to easily scale out the 3-tier architecture environment on demand.

The second possibility was to upgrade the existing product line to include more powerful versions of the existing solutions. This was a better option from a performance perspective, but the cost of migrating all of NTT SmartConnect’s current services and infrastructure to the more expensive versions was cost prohibitive and would have required substantial downtime.

The third option was to switch from the company’s legacy 3-tier environment to a hybrid solution. The NTT SmartConnect team identified several potentialhybrid SAN and server solutions, but none of the options were able to cost-effectively eliminate the bottlenecks in the company’s cloud environment.

The final and best option for NTT SmartConnect was to move to a converged, web-scale solution. Nutanix is the leader in the hyperconverged space, delivering web-scale infrastructure to run any applications that demand exceptionally fast performance at any scale. Nutanix is also the only hyperconverged infrastructure vendor that can deliver high availability with near zero recovery point objectives (RPO) across multiple datacenters.

Moving to Nutanix

“Our evaluation revealed that Nutanix provided the industry’s most advanced hyperconverged solution,” Mr. Inoue reported. “The Nutanix infrastructure was also obtainable at the lowest unit price for IOPS. Nutanix provides very good management tools and an excellent operational model, delivering the agility we need to easily scale out our environment. With Nutanix, we are now able to deliver multi-hypervisor service to our customers within a very short lead time. In addition, Nutanix offered us a very wide selection of appliance options, enabling us to choose the appropriate systems to meet our customers’ needs.

“As we continue to grow, we are able to maintain our hard-earned reputation as a trusted cloud service provider by using the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform.”

– Mr. Yoshitaka Inoue, Senior Manager, NTT SmartConnect


NTT SmartConnect purchased several Nutanix NX-3000 series appliances to serve as the foundation for its virtual private server (VPS) service. By switching to Nutanix, NTT SmartConnect was able to eliminate all of the bottlenecks in its legacy storage and server environment, while reducing capital expenses by 25%. NTT SmartConnect can now deliver a wider range of flexible cloud services to its SMB, enterprise, and public customers in timely manner using the Nutanix infrastructure.

With a planned expansion of its current services on Nutanix using VMware vRealize suite and OpenStack, NTT SmartConnect will be able to connect to the public cloud using a variety of virtualization platforms. “For our private cloud users, we would like to provide the best infrastructure for all of their tier-one applications. We will be able to accomplish that goal by using the converged, web-scale Nutanix solution,” noted Mr. Inoue.

“Nutanix’s excellent support and predictive planning capabilities are enabling us to deploy new infrastructure efficiently, with a 2.5x reduction in datacenter rack space,” Mr. Inoue concluded. “That enables us to cost-effectively support our end customers’ varying business requirements. As we continue to grow, we are able to maintain our hard-earned reputation as a trusted cloud service provider by using the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform.”