Protected Trust

Protected Trust Launches Virtual Private Cloud Servers with Nutanix

Business Needs

Needed an effective solution that could drive down the overall complexity and costs associate with delivering private cloud services to their clients.


Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform NX-3000 Series, Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform NX-6000 Series, and VMware vSphere 5.


  • Reduced initial deployment time from months to hours
  • Reduced incremental deployments to 30 minutes
  • Reduced administrative cost by a ratio of 3:1
  • Reduced data center resource consumption by 10:1
  • Provided “per-client” modular scalability
  • Allowed Protected Trust to launch a brand new, profitable service line


Protected Trust, LLC is a leading cloud services provider, focused specifically on providing clients with secure solutions that address specific regulations and standards, such as HIPAA and FedRAMP. Based in Winter Haven, Florida, Protected Trust’s security first approach to services, makes them the first choice for healthcare, local government, and banking clients. Leveraging three secure data centers located throughout the United States, Protected Trust provides a suite of services that include hosted Exchange email, simple encrypted email services, as well as their virtual Private Cloud Servers (PCS) offering, newly launched in 2014. Visit www. for more details.

Robert Mehrer is Protected Trust’s Operations Manager, responsible for the operation of its service infrastructure, as well as the design and maintenance of its service offerings. “Protected Trust’s primary objective is to provide our clients with technology services that guarantee the security and privacy of their sensitive data,” Mehrer explained. “We recently expanded our service offerings to include both fully- and partially-managed Private Cloud Servers, both providing the same level of security standards we put in place for all other Protected Trust services. Prior to launching the public PCS offering, we struggled with scaling the infrastructure associated with our internal offering and we knew that we needed a new solution in place to create a scalable, profitable public service offering.”

Deciding on a Cost-Effective Platform

Historically a Dell partner, Protected Trust decided that in order to develop a platform with an attractive profit profile, they would need to investigate additional infrastructure alternatives. As part of their research and design for the PCS platform, Protected Trust decided to review the converged platforms that were emerging in the market which included the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform. “We were specifically interested in the potential administrative savings around converged infrastructure,” Mehrer reported. “Based on surface level reviews, we were convinced that Nutanix could reduce our operating cost profiles dramatically.” Protected Trust was able to realize a 3x reduction in the labor associated with deployments and maintenance. Mehrer stated, “We were able to reduce our administrative labor dramatically. By reducing the time associated with infrastructure related tasks, Nutanix helped my team dramatically shift their attention from simply converting backlog to what is the core of our business…security!”

“Nutanix provided us with the ability to decrease our overall hands-on management. This allowed us to focus more time on our business and our clients instead of spending time administering hardware. Nutanix allowed us to take an internal offering, productize it and turn it into a profitable service offering for Protected Trust.”

– Robert Mehrer, Operations Manager

Achieving Faster Deployments and Infrastructure Simplicity

The simplicity of the Nutanix platform completely transformed client deployments for Mehrer and his team. “Prior to deploying Nutanix, our infrastructure deployments could take as much as a month to complete.” Mehrer reported. “Once we received our Nutanix systems, we had them up and running in less than an hour. The environment was so easy to operate that my infrastructure lead was ready to hug me when we handed over the environment.” Once the PCS services was launched, Protected Trust continued to recognize time savings with Nutanix. “We can literally deploy a new client in a matter of minutes. Prior to our launch using Nutanix, deployments would take days to complete, causing dramatic increases in backlog and unrecognized revenue,” states Mehrer.

“One of the biggest obstacles we faced when launching PCS were the costs associated with the initial build out. With typical SAN solutions we would have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to launch the first client. With Nutanix I can scale my environment as my revenues grow. Each time we bring a new client online, all I need to do is add a new node and they are ready to go,” explained Mehrer.

Advancing Services While Reducing Footprint

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform also provides high performance in a compact form factor. Prior to launching on Nutanix, the infrastructure associated with the projected PCS offering was slated to be 60 rack units. “Our environment was comprised of two Dell SANs and Dell servers spread across three racks,” explains Mehrer. With Nutanix in place, Protected Trust dramatically reduced their entire footprint from the massive 60u to just 6u. “We were able to get the same level of compute and storage in just 6u that would otherwise have taken ten times more space. Nutanix reduced our power and space consumption, providing us with a simpler solution at a fraction of the operating costs,” stated Mehrer.

Taking the “hard” Out of Hardware Management

Protected Trust spent countless hours researching how different components worked together. “As VMware technology advanced, the support matrix became more complex. Not all components were supported and many did not work together. Just the compliance research alone was putting a huge drain on my team,” explains Mehrer. “Nutanix just makes things simple. We don’t have worry about whether or not the hardware and software work together, Nutanix takes care of all that for us. It just works,” explains Mehrer.

In addition to reducing the design time associated with service development, Nutanix helped Protected Trust reduce operational complexity as well. According to Mehrer his team “would spend hours just on SAN configuration ranging from fiber channel management to storage configuration.” Nutanix presented Protected Trust with a streamlined way of managing their hardware. “Before Nutanix, I had a person who was dedicated to storage. With Nutanix in place, I can have my virtualization engineers handle all aspects of hardware configuration and administration,” states Mehrer.

Concluding Thoughts

Mehrer concluded, “Nutanix enabled us to take an internal capability and turn it into a profitable service offering. By deploying Nutanix, we now have the ability to offering a true Private Cloud Server that meets our rigorous security standards. Without Nutanix, the team would have spent most of their time focusing on deployments. With Nutanix, we don’t think about managing hardware and we can apply our focus where it really matters, providing secure solutions to our clients.”