Announcing .NEXT 2015, the Web-Scale Conference
We are very excited to announce .NEXT 2015, the premier web-scale user conference in Miami Beach on June 8-10! This inaugural conference will offer our community of customers, partners, and other virtualization, cloud, big data, and web-scale enthusiasts an opportunity to learn, share, and unite in a common vision of building the most progressive technology infrastructure...
SDS for the Masses: Why Dell Matters
Technology companies are faced with different chasms at various phases of their growth. How deeply secure or insecure they are about crossing those chasms defines their future. How they value ubiquity and distribution separates the niche players from the category creators. I’d take the example of two companies to illustrate the point. From the annals … Continu...
Web-scale IT: "Are we there yet?"
Incumbents have started to write blog posts pooh-pooing the undeniable web-scale “rebellion” in the enterprise. The word rebellion reminds me of the talk I gave two years ago at BriForum London: “The Arab Spring of Enterprise IT”. Most revolutions start at the fringes, until they become too big to ignore. Think of the x86 server … Continued
Software-defined Storage: Our Take
Startups Strike Where it Hurts the Most The history of enterprise computing is replete with hype cycles. From video servers and object databases to AI and machine learning, fads have charmed the media and industry analysts for decades. In contemporary times, four such aspirational buzzwords pepper our vernacular: Software-defined, Big Data, Cloud, and Mobility. CIOs &helli...
2013 Predictions: The End of Big Iron
These predictions were first published as a contributed article in VMblog’s 5th Annual Virtualization and Cloud Prediction Series. For the last few weeks, the Nutanix marketing team kept nudging me to write a blog on 2013 predictions. I kept pushing it off, perhaps subconsciously, because it would have been a royal waste if the world really … Continued
Crawl, Walk, Jog—and Then Sprint
“Sir, would you like a wake-up call tomorrow morning?” the handsome lady behind the counter politely asked as I was checking in to the hotel. I told them no. My job takes me to different parts of the globe and thus to various time zones. I like to keep a packed schedule during the trips … Continued
An Apple Revolution in Enterprise Computing
The Network is the Bottleneck Cloud Computing is being considered a nirvana for enterprise computing and SMB computing alike. Service-oriented IT — both Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) — are a seminal innovation of the last decade. Broad adoption of, Amazon AWS, and Google Apps, etc. underscores how important t...
Virtualization – Winds of Change in the Datacenter
Change is the only constant in this world, is a cliche that we’ve all heard. But boy, has that been true for enterprise data centers over the last 5 years! x86-based virtualization has turned things upside down on how IT is done. What hasn’t changed? From Intel’s silicon to Cisco’s switches to the titles of … Continued
The Journey has Begun
Declaring A SAN-Free World this 4th of July Welcome to our blog. Ever since we conceived Nutanix in September of 2009, we’ve been heads-down building the product and a business that have begun to hum. Our laser focus on price/performance, usability (UI), and partner success has started to show real results in field trials. We … Continued