Best Practices Guide:
Nutanix ROBO Deployment and Operations

Deploy remote and branch offices on Nutanix for public cloud agility and private cloud security and control.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is a powerful converged compute and storage system that offers one-click simplicity and high availability for remote and branch offices. The Nutanix platform’s self-healing design reduces operational and support costs, such as unnecessary site visits and overtime. With Nutanix, you can proactively schedule projects and site visits on a regular cadence, rather than working around emergencies. The best practices in this document ensure that your business services are quickly restored in the event of a disaster. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform makes deploying and operating remote and branch offices as easy as deploying to the public cloud, but with control and security on your own terms.

Download this best practices guide to learn how to:

  • Reduce operations and support costs for ROBO.
  • Conduct one-click upgrades and simple orchestration for multiple cluster upgrades.
  • Overcome slow remote network links via seeding customer data.