Harnessing the Enterprise Cloud in Distributed Workforces

Meet the IT needs of remote and branch office workers and the edge with invisible infrastructure.

Extending IT beyond the bounds of the core datacenter is a complicated task—especially for IT teams that already have too much on their plates. With challenges in data protection and security, ability to deliver application performance, and controlling costs all looming in remote and branch office (ROBO) scenarios, it’s critical for IT teams to choose an infrastructure that is dependable and easy to manage from afar, and meets the needs of each remote worker.

This definitive guide will lead you through an enterprise cloud solution delivering a simple, easy to manage and deploy hyperconverged environment for a distributed workforce.

We’ll explore:

  • Specific challenges for remote and branch offices, and how to overcome them
  • The components of hyperconvergence-based enterprise clouds and their applicability to ROBO
  • Case studies from ROBO companies succeeding with an enterprise cloud environment