Prism Element

Prism Element

Built-in access and analytics for Nutanix clusters running any hypervisor

Historically, managing a datacenter’s infrastructure has consumed significant amounts of time for engineers. Through its Prism service, Nutanix has removed the majority of these time-consuming tasks and simplified the rest to a few mouse clicks.

Prism is the user interface for the Nutanix solution, providing the ability to fully configure, manage, and monitor Nutanix clusters running any hypervisor in an intuitive layout. From the main Prism menu, you can access focused information for each major infrastructure component, including:

  • Cluster management: status, configuration, expansion, performance, and update tasks.
  • One-click upgrades: nondisruptive workflows for each product within a cluster.
  • Storage management: charts, data reduction metrics, capacity summaries, and alerts.
  • VM management: counts, power status, CPU and memory usage statistics, and resource usage comparisons.
  • Data protection: insight into backup and replication capabilities and schedules.

In addition to this component information, Prism offers operational insights, such as detailed and descriptive alerts, an analytics suite with hundreds of available metrics, and a comprehensive system analysis feature.

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