Analyst Report:
Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Cisco UCS® Platforms

With the marketplace demanding faster innovation from enterprises, exploring and implementing new technology is a continuous imperative for IT teams. With more technology, however, come more silos, expanded complexity, and disjointed operations. To simplify datacenter operations, companies have embraced hyperconverged infrastructure with its ability to quickly assign work to available resources without delay.

Nutanix now has a solution for Cisco UCS® hardware platforms that can be deployed rapidly, and is easy to manage. This whitepaper by Hurwitz and Associates explores it in detail.

You’ll learn:

  • The key features and value of hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Real-world business examples of companies re-inventing their business models to address new customers in new ways
  • How the deployment of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform on Cisco UCS® combines the agility and one-click simplicity of public cloud infrastructure with the control and predictable economics needed from a private cloud