Simple Turnkey IT Infrastructure for Remote and Branch Offices

Simple Turnkey IT Infrastructure for Remote and Branch Offices

Struggling with supporting IT applications and users at your remote sites? Looking for an easy to manage and affordable way to support branch sites without cutting corners on availability? Nutanix is bringing invisible infrastructure and the Enterprise Cloud to remote and branch office infrastructure!

Download this ESG report to learn about:

  • Common challenges in ROBO IT
  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Solutions for ROBO enabling:
    • Remote and Branch Office IT Infrastructure-in-a-Box
    • Simplified one-click multi-site management
    • Integrated and local cost-effective backup solutions
    • Support for your choice of hypervisors
  • Real world customer’s experience with the Nutanix ROBO solution

Read the report today!

Simple, out-of-the-box deployment

Deploy all applications on a single platform in just hours, starting small and scaling

Reduce need for IT specialists

Eliminate the need for infrastructure and virtualization experts at every site

Centrally manage remote sites

Centrally manage 100’s of locations with aggregated health and usage statistics and 1-Click management


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