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The Definitive Guide to
VDI and End-user Computing Solutions on Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Infrastructure Design for VDI and End-user Computing Environments

Selecting the correct infrastructure is critical to the success of your application and desktop virtualization projects. Without a scalable, highly available and high performance infrastructure design, you will face challenges during the different phases of your EUC projects.

Explore a new approach that allows you to focus on providing EUC services and applications, rather than spending precious time and resources managing the infrastructure.

Read this eBook to:

  • Develop an architecture that offers a predictable cost, performance, and capacity scaling model
  • Accurately estimate storage requirements of the VDI solution without overprovisioning
  • Effectively size the compute layer of the design for high performance

Predictive Scalability

Linear, pay-as-you-grow non-disruptive scaling from 3 nodes to thousands of nodes.

Excellent User Experience

Fast application responsiveness and boot time regardless of size or type of deployment.

VDI Assurance

Simplify VDI projects and accelerate time to value.


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