Veritas NetBackup vSphere | Best Practices

Best Practices Guide:
Veritas NetBackup With vSphere

Web-scale enterprise backup and recovery software

Veritas NetBackup accelerates and simplifies data protection workflows, offering administrators convenience and peace of mind. This best practices guide makes recommendations for optimizing and scaling Veritas NetBackup with Nutanix and VMware vSphere, providing detailed configuration information to help you get the most from combining Veritas with Nutanix scale-out capabilities.

With Veritas NetBackup on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, you can protect your production workload with a proven solution that has minimal impact on performance.

Download this best practices guide for:

  • How to implement Veritas NetBackup with Nutanix when running the VMware vSphere ESXi hypervisor.
  • How Veritas NetBackup’s distributed and scale-out architecture complements the web-scale Nutanix solution and its data locality technology to provide network-efficient backups.
  • The backup technologies available when using Veritas NetBackup, including VMware VADP, VMware CBT, Microsoft VSS, and NetBackup MSDP.
  • The Veritas NetBackup components and transport modes.
  • Guidelines for sizing components as a physical server and as VMs.
  • Four different sample options for deployment models.