Hyperconverged Infrastructure: The Definitive Guide

Microsoft and Nutanix: Building a Scalable Hybrid Cloud

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Legacy infrastructure—with its separate enterprise storage, networks, and servers—is not well-suited to meet the growing demands of enterprise applications and fast-paced modern business.

IT leaders are now turning to hyperconverged infrastructure to knock down these silos, and deliver on-premise IT services with the speed and operational efficiency of the public cloud.

The Definitive Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure will equip you with hyperconvergence fundamentals, and propel you to expert status on the inner-workings of Nutanix.

Here’s what’s included:

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  • A deep dive into the technology behind the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform
  • Expert tips to build a fast, efficient and highly scalable software-defined datacenter
  • A reference guide for evaluating hyperconverged solutions

What is hyperconverged infrastructure?

Hyperconverged infrastructure is a software-defined solution that simplifies the deployment and management of datacenter resources. The core of hyperconvergence is all-in-one compute, storage, and networking for flexible scaling.

Hyperconverged infrastructure is also the key ingredient and foundation of building an enterprise cloud capable of providing the agility of the public cloud with the security and control of on-prem infrastructure.

Why Nutanix Hyperconvergence?

Up to 60% reduction in infrastructure costs

8x faster time to value in buying, deploying, and managing.

Up to 90% reduction in power, cooling, and space with a 2U form factor.

Zero limits on scalability for your datacenter

Any Workload, Any Scale

Change the way the most critical enterprise workloads are hosted and served in your datacenter

Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SQL Server

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Nutanix in a Nutshell...or a Node

Nutanix delivers solutions to elevate IT to focus on the applications and services that power business. We leverage state-of-the-art Intel x86-based servers and hyperconvergence to natively integrate compute, storage, and virtualization in scale-out clusters. This solution replaces the silos of servers and storage, along with the need for separate management tools and processes.