Bentleys Brisbane Chooses Nutanix For Its Desktop Virtualisation Backbone

Sees “Greatly Reduced Cost” and Replacement of SAN as “A Giant Leap Forward”

Brisbane, Australia, October 21, 2013 – Bentleys Brisbane, a leading independent accountancy, has selected Nutanix, the leading provider of hyper-efficient, massively scalable and elegantly simple data centre infrastructure solutions, to provide its platform for the firm’s move into desktop virtualisation.

“We knew that virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) would save time and make desktop management much easier, but, frankly, buying additional Storage Area Network (SAN) for infrastructure was daunting and expensive. We were determined to find another way,” said Garry Patmore, Bentleys Network Administrator. “Fortunately, we have an excellent partner in Nathan Woods at Aliva. Nathan told us that we didn’t need a SAN to achieve what we wanted. Nutanix was a disruptive technology that had superior performance. It had much more functionality than the legacy technology of a SAN, but was much less expensive and much simpler to deploy and manage.”

The decision was a major one for Bentleys for a number of reasons. It was critical that the transition to desktop virtualisation for its 150 staff, many of whom serve the firm’s large rural client base, be seamless. The choice of Nutanix also needed to pass Patmore’s cost benefit analysis, fit the directors’ budget and deliver a VDI solution Bentleys could have confidence in from day one.

“When we buy IT solutions, we buy them all at once, so I knew that when it came to VDI we were facing a potentially onerous transition,” Patmore said. “The fact that Nutanix partners with VMWare was a significant factor for us.”

The power and scalability of Nutanix’s appliance technology were also critical factors.

“The tiering of Flash, SSD and HDD gave us the IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) we needed. In fact other alternatives couldn’t offer comparable IOPS even when flash was added to the legacy SAN solutions,” Patmore said.

“Since we are making this move with future growth in mind, Nutanix’s scalability was also critical. If you need more compute and storage, you simply add another node. Not only that, we have basically taken out 24 RUs (Rack Units) and replaced them with two Nutanix RUs. Replacing SAN is the key. It is without a doubt the way forward for infrastructure – actually it’s a giant leap forward. It’s too early to tell, but we obviously also expect to realise power and cooling gains from choosing Nutanix.”

Wayne Neich, Nutanix’s MD for A/NZ, echoed Patmore’s observations.

“We are very happy to be working with Bentleys. It’s especially gratifying to hear the reasons they chose Nutanix. It’s not about being the latest “hot” technology, it’s all about a better way to build IT infrastructure. Organisations no longer have to subscribe to the ‘We need to build a SAN’ approach, because they can get the same benefits and more power with Nutanix – not only that but they can start small and expand as their needs change,” Neich said. “You enable growth, you can scale to growth, and you never need to be hobbled by an unforgiving, inelastic IT infrastructure again.”

About Nutanix

Nutanix provides data centre infrastructure solutions that are hyper-efficient, massively scalable and elegantly simple. The award-winning Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform has disrupted the market by seamlessly and natively converging compute and storage in a single appliance. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif. with offices and authorised solution providers throughout the world, Nutanix is privately held and backed by top-tier VC firms. For more information, visit

About Bentleys Brisbane

Bentleys Queensland is a full-service firm with specialist expertise in accounting, business and specialist advisory, taxation, self-managed super fund management, corporate recovery and audit services. The team of 16 Directors and 130 staff have a 65+ year track record of THINKING AHEAD to deliver creative, practical solutions to more than 2000 client groups. This is called The Bentleys Experience.

Originally established in the central Queensland region in 1948, Bentleys Queensland is aligned to many fields and offers specialist expertise and focus in six key industry pillars: Agricultural and Regional Businesses; Property and Construction; Aged Care and Health Services; Government, Public Sector and Education; Family Owned Businesses and SMEs; and Financial Institutions and Corporate Market.

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