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Scale Up. Scale Down.
De-risk IT planning.

Building Enterprise Clouds with Operating Budgets

IT is under ever increasing pressure to adapt to rapidly changing business requirements, catering to seasonal peaks in infrastructure demand, and de-risking new infrastructure projects. Business agility improves when IT procurement is not dependent on the traditional upfront capital expenditures.

Nutanix Go empowers businesses to de-risk IT projects by deploying Nutanix infrastructure for short periods of time using flexible operating budgets.  This lowers the barrier to infrastructure deployments for IT project owners, enabling them to more rapidly take on new projects where the project validity, or size and scope is not yet fully understood.

Flexible Consumption

Your business is dynamic. Your infrastructure is not. That changes with Nutanix Go monthly billing.

Sizing & Planning

Whether planning for a greenfield project, or calculating available capacity in existing infrastructure, Nutanix capacity planning tools enable customers to size infrastructure requirements for purchasing or renting.

Elastic Scaling

Scale Up. Scale Down. Customers can match their infrastructure requirements to business project durations.

Infrastructure Choice

Own it. Rent it. Or Both! Nutanix offers infrastructure choice to fit your business requirements.

Customer Choice — Infrastructure Flexibility

Nutanix customers get the flexibility to choose how they consume infrastructure. Pick from different consumption models: short and long-term agreements, or traditional appliance purchases — all deployed to build a seamless Enterprise Cloud.

Risky projects, time-bound and seasonal workloads no longer require dedicated, siloed infrastructure with significant upfront investments, nor do they need to be moved to the public cloud.

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Why Nutanix Go

  • Expedite your project startup, with quick and simple short-term agreements that do not require upfront capital expenditures.
  • Nutanix Go agreements contain everything you need to get started: Nutanix NX appliances, access to all software updates and support from Nutanix world-class technical support teams.
  • Mix rented Nutanix appliances with those already purchased in the same cluster.
  • Use short-term rental agreements for projects with business risk when long-term requirements are unpredictable.

See for Yourself

Get hands on with the hyperconverged infrastructure that powers the world’s most advanced datacenters. Sign up for a free test drive to gain immediate access to Nutanix in the cloud.

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