Energy and Utilities

Improve decision making for faster, more efficient energy exploration, extraction and processing

Make IT infrastructure invisible and focus on applications, personnel and business needs

Volatile commodity prices, difficulty of extraction and accessibility, and political risk put strain on companies in the energy sector to more precisely understand their existing and prospective assets. Dealing with increasing amounts of data, new interpretation, visualization, and modeling applications, and new access methods such as virtual desktops is putting energy IT management under tremendous pressure.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform meets the high-end performance needs and demanding cyber security requirements of energy sector companies, including those in the Oil and Gas and Utilities markets. It can be easily scaled for core datacenters and field sites, while lowering cost and space requirements for a wide range of workloads. By alleviating data acquisition and application bottlenecks, IT can focus on transforming and modernizing operations.

Simplify Digital Transformation

Transform business operations by enabling the convergence of data, machines and people in oil fields and remote locations.

Be Agile and Always-On

Run a diverse set of enterprise applications on a single platform capable of scaling performance and capacity without disruption.

Simplify Management

With consumer-grade simplicity, IT administrators can easily manage compute, VM, storage, data protection and disaster recovery.

The Definitive Guide to Architecting End-User Computing Solutions

Selecting the correct infrastructure is critical to the success of your application and desktop virtualization projects. Explore a new approach that allows you to focus on providing end-user computing services and applications, rather than spending precious time and resources managing the infrastructure.

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The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Advantage

With Nutanix, energy companies can modernize IT operations and retain control of the security of proprietary data while moving to the cloud.

Manage Complex Data

Maximize compute, storage and performance using the award-winning Nutanix architecture, including the Nutanix Distributed Storage Fabric.

Scale as Needed

Start small and linearly scale to easily support diverse workloads in core datacenters as well as challenging environments, including offshore oil rigs, land rigs and other remote facilities.

Improve IT Infrastructure

Reduce energy IT management cost with VM-centric data protection, smart analytics and deep insight into the infrastructure and all VMs.

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