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Ensure availability and security for EHR and PACS applications while controlling cost and complexity

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Modernize and accelerate your EHR and PACS deployments

With the widespread computerization of patient health records and the adoption of digital imaging, traditional paper and film-based documents have been replaced with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). Healthcare IT departments are forced to piece together custom infrastructure solutions to make the most of innovative EHR and PACS offerings while maintaining security, availability and performance.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform enables you to virtualize your EHR environment using your choice of hypervisor (Nutanix AHV, VMware ESXi, Microsoft HyperV) while taking 80% less space versus traditional architectures. Scaling is simple with Nutanix, enabling you to go from pilot to production and beyond without re-architecting or incurring any downtime. Healthcare organizations get a standardized, repeatable, and cost-effective solution for EHR application VMs and PACS deployments with predictable performance and scalability.

Start Small

Start small and linearly scale, while maintaining management simplicity and efficiency.

Eliminate Downtime

Maintain mission-critical levels of availability using Nutanix resiliency and data protection features.

Lower Costs

Control and reduce capital and operational expense by 50% without compromising availability or scalability.

Transforming Healthcare IT with Enterprise Cloud

Simplify infrastructure for your EHR and PACS deployments while reducing costs and increasing service levels.

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The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Advantage

With Nutanix, healthcare organizations can achieve a standardized, repeatable, and cost-effective solution for EHR application VMs and PACS deployments with predictable performance and scalability.

Increase Security

Enhance patient care with improved data access while maintaining security.

Enhance Productivity

Deliver reliable, consistent user experience so healthcare providers can focus on improving patient health.

Consolidate Workloads

Occupy 80% less VM space versus traditional infrastructure with a single web-scale platform for all workloads including VDI, EHR, PACS and VNA.

Gain Linear Scalability

Start small and linearly scale performance and capacity one node at a time to meet demands. Reduce upfront costs and avoid overprovisioning.

Maintain Business Continuity

Keep applications and critical data available with the Nutanix self-healing platform, VM-centric data protection, and affordable business continuity.

Simplify Operations

Simplify ongoing operations by as much as 50% with consolidated view in to applications/VMs, servers, and storage across different locations.

Epic Electronic Health Records (EHR) Runs on Nutanix

Nutanix has the highest Epic customer adoption among hyperconverged vendors. Approved by Epic and included in their Storage Products and Technology Status (SPATS) document, the Nutanix platform provides the highest user-density per CPU for Hyperspace servers.

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