Nutanix Announces the Industry’s Only Hyperconverged Solution for Cisco UCS Blades
Today, we are at the .NEXT On-Tour event in Boston and are bringing more exciting news about continuous innovation. A number of vendors, including Nutanix™, offer hyperconverged solutions running on Cisco® UCS® C-Series rackmount servers. However, the majority of UCS® shipments are B-Series Blade Servers. Nutanix pioneers again and addresses this deficiency by announc...
Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Just Got Better
Today, at the .NEXT User Conference in Vienna, we made several exciting product announcements that further the vision of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. You can read the press release. The ambition of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is bringing cloud-like operational simplicity to enterprise datacenters. If the enterprise datacenter behaves and operates like a...
Piece of Mind for your Workloads with VM-Centric Flash Mode Support
Nutanix Enterprise Cloud solutions employ a variety of advanced mechanisms designed to deliver the highest possible application performance and ensure that the underlying infrastructure remains invisible. Because storage plays such a vital role in the performance equation, server-attached solid state storage, also referred to as flash storage, is used both as a high-perfor...
Meaningful and Real-Time Insights for your Workloads
While creating enterprise clouds and infrastructure that are invisible and easy to manage is a core focus at Nutanix, it does not mean that there is any compromise in informing users with useful data. The focus has always been centered on providing data based on applications and virtual machines rather than higher level constructs. At … Continued
Comprehensive API Support for your Backup Software
What if we told you one could have a method to provide changed region tracking for all your workloads that was hypervisor agnostic and enabled faster backups? It kind of sounds too easy, almost like elixir salesman’s speak, but that’s what Nutanix Engineering has set out to do. Today at the Toronto .NEXT On-Tour, we … Continued
Advanced VM Placement Intelligence: Allows your VMs to Focus on Running Workloads
Keeping data close to the compute has been one of the salient features of the Nutanix architecture and the Distributed Storage Fabric, or DSF. It provides several benefits including inherent protection against workload interference, consistent performance, and efficient utilization of high speed storage media such as SSD. As Nutanix has turned its focus towards the &hellip...
Build Large File Services Repositories on Nutanix's Largest Capacity Nodes, the NX-6035C-G5
Nutanix continues on its Enterprise Cloud journey at the .NEXT On-Tour event in Bangkok, Thailand. Today, we are proud to announce that we are planning to support Acropolis File Services (AFS) on our storage only nodes, the NX-6035C-G5. Acropolis File Services provides a simple and scalable solution for hosting user and shared department files across … Continued
VM Deployment at Enterprise Cloud Speed: Simplified Management and Silent Installation for Nutanix Guest Tools
Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) are a set of software features installed within virtual machines for the purpose of enabling advanced functionality. Some of the features enabled by NGT include application consistent snapshots, self service restore of snapshot data, and virtual machine mobility between hypervisors with the Nutanix Application Mobility Fabric. The functionality dr...
Prism on your Terms: Local Language Support
Early in Nutanix’s history, we were faced with a choice to travel one of two paths. The first was to focus on building our business close to Nutanix headquarters, and establish ourselves in North America. Many companies choose to do this at the outset, and then build their businesses in international markets. The second choice … Continued